The Paparoa National Park has a good range of climbing options available. The Limestone formations create great climbing routes . A 15 minute drive up Bullock Creek from the Punakaiki Beach Camp offers some impressive faces.

The Bullock Creek crags are north facing and generally weather proof. 48 routes of various grades make up the Bullock Creek area with plently more climbs to be developed. The Punakaiki River (5 mins drive north of the Punakaiki Beach Camp) consists of 20 routes. The Weka wall is the first crag coming into the Punakaiki river valley. Further up the valley you will find Pita Pata wall, Air traffic control tower, Knee cow wall and the Ocean wall. Between the Punakaiki Beach Camp and the Pancake Rocks is a spot called Suicide rock. Popular with climbers this spot can be accessed from the beach view carpark 100m north of the Pancake rocks. Charleston, a 25 minute drive from the Punakaiki Beach Camp is well known for its high seacliffs and 239 routes to get up.

Generally the Charleston climbs are walk on walk off. Difficulty ranges from easy to middle grade with a few hard climbs. More information on climbs in the Punakaiki and the South Island can be found in the ‘Rock deluxe south’ guidebook. A new route book has been made for climbers to add new routes and share information. Feel free to ask at the camp reception to have a look and make any additions.