Stand up for your land!

You might not be aware of it but there’s a review of stewardship land on the West Coast going on at the moment and I reckon it’s pretty important.

Stewardship land was allocated to DOC when it was established as a government department in 1987. DOC manages this land under the Conservation Act 1987 to protect it.

A National Panel for the Western South Island, and a Ngāi Tahu Mana Whenua Panel have recently reviewed the 504 pieces of stewardship land on the Coast and made draft recommendations for future classification of this land.

Their recs aren’t final and DOC wants feedback to help determine the best outcome for stewardship land on the Coast.

A great opportunity for us to choose what happens here
Parcels of land along the Coast Road up for Re-classification

Submissions are the chance for you and me to have a say. I’ve summarised some info about the pieces of land which are really important for me below.

You can copy each of the headings below into the submission portal when selecting which parcel you want to submit on.

If you want to submit follow this link for more info:

Submissions close 26 July 2022.

Conservation Area – Northern Paparoa Range (2808295)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

This area contains high ecological values very similar to the existing Paparoa National Park. including ecosystems untouched by humans. This area deserves the kind of protection that being added to Paparoa National Park provides.

Conservation Area – Basin Road (2808292)- Conservation Area – Charleston (2808367)- Conservation Area – Nile River (2808291)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

Unique cave systems, historic places and lush West Coast rainforest of nikau, rata and rimu. This area is another block that mimics that of land already under Paparoa National Park. These cave systems are so important to what makes Paparoa unique (limestone formations built over thousands of years) that they must remain looked after to the standard National Parks offer.

Conservation Area – Woodpecker Bay (2808374)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

Home to Great Spotted Kiwi the small but special piece of stewardship land deserves the recognition of National Park status. Fitting in with the surrounding landscapes of limestone escarpment ecosystems this needs to be protected.

Conservation Area – Fox River (2808375)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

This small parcel of land should have been included in the Paparoa National Park at its onset. It wasn’t but now is the time to include it. Giant rata tower above the Fox River and continuing the Paparoa National Park alongside the river is very important for the integrity of the area.

Conservation Area – Bullock Creek Farm (2808377)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

Bullock Creek Farm, originally cleared for farming is now being given a new life. This area is being replanted by Conservation Volunteers NZ in a huge effort to blend, what was abandoned grass land, into the beauty of the surrounding Paparoa National Park. The hard effort of volunteers and professional tree planters will be appreciated greatly if this area gets the protection of National Park status. Future generations will walk through the regenerating bush to the start of the Mt Bovis Track, Cave Stream track and Inland Pack Track. With National Park status this area will be here for everyone forever.

Conservation Area – Punakaiki – Coast Road (South) (2806891)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

You walk up the Punakaiki River, no matter the conditions you’re in awe of the hills you face. The towering cliffs, the huge rata and rimu that somehow stay connected to the near vertical faces. Behind and to the sides of these parcels of land is the Paparoa National Park. which was given the highest protection our land system allows and for good reason, this place is unlike any other. The Paparoa Track, New Zealand’s 10th Great Walk ends here, right next to PAP_14.

Let’s keep this area a magical finish for riders on this amazing track and add it to the National Park they have been through on the track.

Conservation Area – Paparoa Range South (2806778)- Conservation Area – Baker Creek (2806784)- Conservation Area – Barrytown – S.H.6 (2806570)-Conservation Area – Seventeen Mile Bluff (2809052)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

National parks are subject to more stringent preservation and protection imperatives than other protected area classifications. Paparoa Range South, Barrytown, Baker Creek & Seventeen Mile bluff stewardship land is without doubt a significant area that deserves these more stringent preservation and protection imperatives.

Conservation Area – Northern Paparoa Range (2808295)

Support National Panels Recommendation. 

I support this recommendation because the land has high conservation, recreation and landscape values. I also suggest that it be noted the area provides a buffer for the Paparoa Wilderness Area.